What we do.

We engage in projects that have clearly defined objectives and accomplish something actionable and meaningful. Rather than working in an agency-of-record format, we typically partner with clients in one of the following ways:


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The Pramana Project.

A highly engaged four-to-six-month process where we help your organization achieve its business and product objectives through messaging and narrative development, updated branding, a strategic communications plan, and the appropriate action to support the strategic imperatives.
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Targeted Pramana Project.

A focused partnership built around a specific outcome, such as a positioning effort, a rebrand, the development of a comms strategy, or the creation of an industry leadership plan.
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Pramana Advisory Project.

A strategic and creative resource for your most important priorities – we help you track to your long-term communications goals and navigate the new opportunities that suddenly emerge.
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Pramana Sprint Project.

A two-week project that provides recommendations for navigating a specific opportunity or challenge that you are facing. The sprint is centered around a one-day session.
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Pramana Offsite Project.

A one-day, immersive, comms- and marketing-focused offsite session where we provide high-level strategic planning input and guide your team through messaging exercises and creative brainstorms.

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